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We are committed to bringing truly environmentally safe products to markets across the globe to tackle some of the most difficult environmental problems today. Our research, through our partnership with leading scientists cover a broad range of fields, including mining and manufacturing waste reuse, smoke stack particulate emissions reduction, agricultural water reduction, fire safety and cooling efficiency.

Our strong commitment to ongoing research, innovative product application and improvement has been the catalyst for our recently discovered synthetic organic based polymer. This polymer gives our whole product range, and particularly our ‘RENEW Series: Dust Management’ a distinct advantage over other products available in the market.


Uncontrolled dust generated from construction sites adversely affects the health and safety of workers and those in adjacent areas. Such dust generation typically comes from heavy vehicle traffic on unsealed roads, large-scale excavation and earthworks, as well as from storage stockpiles and associated loading/unloading processes.

Application of our AIR-CAP and SITE-CAP products can effectively deal with these construction site dust challenges by capturing and binding particles together and forming a protective crust, or by extending current performance of water-related suppression programs.


Australia’s large proportion of open cut coal and other mineral mines create many challenges around dust control and air quality. Dust generated on mines typically come from haul road traffic, raw materials loading/unloading cycles, wind on exposed surfaces, excavation and blasting. However, stockpiles of product, such as pulverized coal and other materials found on mines, often constitute finer particles than those from road surfaces and are thus more susceptible to becoming airborne. Not only does this lead to significant economic impact, due to the loss of valuable product, but also the generation of damaging respirable dust (usually less than PM10) adversely affecting the health and safety of workers and the surrounding natural environment.

Application of our MINE-CAP and HAUL-CAP products is cost-effective to prevent unnecessary product loss, as well as suppress harmful respirable and visual dust to meet relevant Ambient Air Quality NEPM standards and protect the health of both workers and the wider community.

Roads and Infrastructure

Whether or not a road maker is looking to improve road base compaction rates, or to lengthen stabilisation of temporary or medium-term unsealed road surfaces, the ability to control and extent the function of water, and thus moisture content, is paramount. Long-term structural integrity of all roads is vital to safety and operational efficiency.Application of our SITE-CAP and HAUL-CAP products enables users to more efficiently achieve optimum compaction rates, thus speeding up the stabilisation process for unsealed roads. Furthermore, where clients need to achieve long-term dust-proof unsealed road surfaces, our products, with the support of our experienced road makers can, in terms of dust control, achieve roads of similar performance to that of concrete and asphalt.

Building materials

Mining & Manufacturing waste stream reuse is of utmost important to Government and industry. If inert solid wastes can be successfully combined with stronger granular materials, without the high energy input, a multiplicity of building industry reuse applications could be unlocked.

Application of our BRICKTEC product transforms solid waste into stable building materials. Using our specifically designed technology, waste is combined with BRICKTEC to produce a solid brick, comparable to traditional brick or cement in strength and stability. Where optimum moisture rates, non-heat inducing binders and pressure brick making technology is properly designed, the introduction of our polymer enables extremely powerful binding action between fines and larger granular materials.

This process enables both sustainable use of waste as well as economic savings (eliminating costs of waste disposal and possibly generating income through sale of reusable waste product).

Transport cooling

Energy efficient cold storage for use in transportation is crucial to ensuring product freshness and economic and environmental sustainability.

Application of our RECOOL product to the water source prolongs the melting time of ice, as well as reducing freezing time, thus saving energy and water loss by creating longer-lasting ice. Our product directly tackles one of the biggest challenges of the transport industry that uses classic cooling techniques. By adding our specifically designed technology to the water source, the formation and structuring of ice crystals is reorganised creating better durability and thermal robustness.


Efficient water usage and plant nutrient absorption is vital for the agriculture industry.

Application of our REVIVE Agricultural Rejuvenation product, increases overall water efficiency, prolongs the period of nutrient access to root systems and provides greater flexibility for crop and vegetation growth planning. It does this by reorganising the structure and locking mechanism between water, nutrients and soil, thus reducing evaporation and extending nutrient release time. REVIVE is making significant in-roads in areas where cropping operations are affected by extended drought periods.

Winter sports

A key challenge for the snow and ice-skating industry is to maintain high quality snow or ice, particularly in indoor settings or where the natural climate is not favourable. In the last 15 years, Australian snowfall has gradually declined. The industry must innovate in order to have longevity.Application of our RECOOL product prolongs the melting time of ice, as well as reduces freezing time to generate year round superior standard snow and ice that is long-lasting, energy efficient and cost effective. In addition, our product can extend snow-making operations by 40% for the same water usage. For the last 12 months, we have been continuously trialing and selling our product in the Northern hemisphere, where the snow industry is emerging (in places like China and Russia).

Emergency services

In recent years, bush fires have been a major concern during hot summer months and drought conditions. Sizeable inefficiencies in water usage are caused by evaporation before water contacts the flame zones. Application of our fire-resistant REPRESS product enhances the performance of water under intense heat, increasing its fire retardation functionality.

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